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Magic: The Gathering

The Stadium has been selling Magic cards since 1994.  We carry the full line of in-print sealed products and generally have 98%-100% of all Standard legal single cards in stock!  We also have a wide selection of Modern and Legacy singles.  We're always looking to buy and trade for Magic cards.


We've been running weekly tournaments since 2002.  Our current attendance for Friday Night Magic averages 20-25 players.

Friday Night Magic

Every Friday at 6pm is Friday Night Magic! There are three events to choose from: Standard, Modern and Commander* constructed.  The entry fee is $5.00, and everyone receives a current booster pack just for playing.  Top players receive extra booster packs as prizes (base on attendance).  First and second place, as well as three random players, also receive special FNM Token Foils.   *Commander events begin July 13, 2018.  The Commander event is casual, and prizes are awarded randomly.

Special Events

We host special Magic events almost every month.  These events include Pre-releases, Launch Parties, StarCityGames Invitational Qualifiers, Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers and more!  Check out or Events Calendar to see what we have coming up!

Magic Buylist

Thursday Night Commander

Every Thursday at 6pm is Thursday Night Commander!  This is a monthly league.  The entry fee is $5.00 per month.  Top players at the end of each month will receive store credit prizes based on attendance.