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The Stadium Magic: The Gathering Online Store



If you're looking for something not listed on our site, feel free to email us, or contact us through Facebook with what you're looking for.


Curbside pickup is now available! Just select "Store Pickup" when checking out, and then contact us by phone or Facebook to confirm which location you'll be visiting!

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6 Magic Booster Packs (Mix & Match in bundles of 2) - $19.95


Magic Theros Beyond Death


Theros Beyond Death Logo

Magic Mystery Boosters Products - SOLD OUT

Mystery Booster

Magic Modern Horizon Products

Modern Horizons Logo

2 Magic "Masters" Booster Packs (Mix & Match) - $19.95


Magic 2020 Challenger Decks - Individuals and Sets

2020 Challenger Decks

Magic Throne of Eldraine Products

Throne of Eldraine Logo

Magic Unsanctioned Box Set of 5 Decks and 10 lands (5 foil)

Magic Unsanctioned

Magic Core Set 2020 Booster Box (36 packs) - $99.95

Magic Core Set Logo

Magic Core Set 2019 Booster Box (36 packs) - $89.95

Magic Core Set 2019 Logo

Magic Ravnica Allegiance Booster Box (36 pks) - $109.95

Magic War of the Spark Booster Box (36 pks) - $109.95

Ravnica Allegiance Logo War of the Spark Logo

Magic Secret Lair Fetch Lands Set - $249.95

Magic Secret Lair Fetch Lands will be available for in-store pickup upon release.  Expected date of release is June 12, 2020.

Secret Lair Fetch Lands Ikoria logo