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The Stadium Pokémon Online Store



If you're looking for something not listed on our site, feel free to email us, or contact us through Facebook with what you're looking for.


Curbside pickup is now available! Just select "Store Pickup" when checking out, and then contact us by phone or Facebook to confirm which location you'll be visiting!

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6 Pokémon Booster Packs (Mix & Match in bundles of 2) - $19.95

Pokemon Logo for Print

Pokémon Sword & Shield Build & Battle Kit - $19.95

Sword and Shield Logo

Pokémon Cosmic Eclipse Build & Battle Kit - $19.95

Cosmic Eclipse Logo

Pokémon Snorlax and Morpeko Pin Sets (Set of 2) - $29.95

Pokemon Pin Collections

Pokémon Tag Team Powers Collection (Pick 1) - $49.95

Pokemon Tag Team Powers Collection

Pokémon Spring 2020 Collector Chest - $26.95

Pokémon Spring 2020 Collector Chest

Pokémon Galar Pals Mini Tin

(Set of 5 tins) - $44.95

Pokemon Galar Pals Mini Tin

Pokémon Tag Team Generations Premium Collection - $49.95

Pokemon Tag Team Generations Premium Collection

Pokémon Build & Battle Kit

(4 Packs + evolution pack + promo)

Pokémon Rebel Clash Booster Box (36 packs) - $119.95

Rebel Clash Booster Box

Pokémon Rebel Clash Elite Trainer Box - $41.95

Pokémon Rebel Clash Blister 3 Pack w/ coin & promo  - $12.95

Pokémon Rebel Clash Mini Portfoilo with 1 pack - $4.95

Pokémon Rebel Clash Theme Deck - $14.95

Pokemon Rebel Clash Blister Rayquaza Pokemon Rebel Clash Blister Duraludon Pokemon Rebel Clash Mini Portfolio Pokemon Rebel Clash Theme Decks Rebel Clash Elite Trainer Box

Pokémon Sword & Shield Figure Collection (4 packs) - $19.95


Pokémon Hidden Fates Tin - $21.95 (Choose One)

Pokemon-Trading-Card-Game-Hidden-Fates-Tin-Assortm Pokemon Rebel Clash Build and Battle Kit

Pokémon League Battle Deck - $24.95 (Choose One)

Pokémon Legends of Galar Tin - $24.95 (Choose One)

Pokemon League Battle Decks Pokemon Legend of Galar Tins

PREORDER: Arrives in late May.

PREORDER: Arrives in late May.